Review: Corsair K63 Gaming Keyboard

Corsair only recently released the K95 RGB Platinum keyboard and caused a stir in the high-end keyboard market. Now, the manufacturer has released its newest upper-class gaming keyboard: The Corsair K63. The mechanical, tenkeyless keyboard retails for around 90€ and is targeted at gamers on a tighter budget. In our review, we’ll tell you if it is worth buying considering how it stacks up compared to its more expensive Corsair siblings.

While Corsair initially focused on producing RAM modules, they have proven time and time again that they can also make great keyboards. Their recent high-end model K95 RGB Platinum even scored our editor’s choice. With its newest model named K63, Corsair now put out a tenkeyless gaming keyboard for significantly less than what the K95 goes for while still being marketed with great build quality.

Alongside the Cherry MX Red switches used for the keys themselves, the keyboard also comes with multimedia buttons for volume control, media playback and more. Instead of full RGB backlighting the K63 only has a red backlight that supports per-key lighting. In this review, we will find out ff the Corsair K63 can live up to the achievements of its bigger sibling.

Corsair K63 Gaming Keyboard

Package Contents and Design:

The K63 comes shipped in a robust and sleek cardboard box finished in Corsair’s typical black finish with yellow accents. The contents in the box are rather minimalist. Aside from the keyboard, the only other thing contained within is an instruction manual. Upon first impression, we immediately noticed the good build quality. The keyboard itself is all black except for the key-beds which are finished in red plastic. Corsair K63 Gaming Keyboard

The lettering is also carried out in typical Corsair fashion, as is the ridge between the keys and multimedia-buttons that traverses the entire length of the keyboard. Aluminum décor or any other bells and whistles however, are nowhere to be found. Corsair went with a simple and robust plastic body. Also noteworthy is the omission of the entire palm rest. This might anger some users but we think Corsair simply had to make some compromises. In this way, this one is very similar to other tenkeyless keyboards by Corsair.

Corsair K63 Gaming Keyboard

Build Quality and Specs:

Like other Corsair models, the K63 has great build quality. While the body is only made from plastic is has been put together really well. There are no squeaks or cracking noises, nothing has play, and everything is solidly held together. What you don’t get is a palm rest which also isn’t available as an add-on either. Corsair are using high-quality components like the Cherry MX Red switches with a travel of 2mm that require a minimum pressure of 45g to make a keypress. According to Corsair, the life of each key is at least 50 million presses.

Corsair K63 Gaming Keyboard

Features include 100% Anti-Ghosting and complete key-rollover, as well as a red LED backlight that can easily be switched on and off using a single button. Size-wise, this numpad-less keyboard measures in at 36,5 x 17,1 x 4,1 cm and weighs 1,12 kg.

Corsair K63 Gaming Keyboard

The rubberized USB cable is well made and long enough at 2,1m. As before, media playback and volume can be controlled using the multimedia-buttons. Next to the Corsair logo, we find a button for adjusting the brightness of the backlight, and one that locks the Windows-key to prevent accidental presses.

Software and Hands-On Experience:

Corsair’s CUE software (Corsair Utility Engine) allows you to tweak several settings of your keyboard. While there aren’t as many options as there are with the LED backlit models, the number of customizable settings is more than appropriate. While the backlight is always red, it can be adjusted dynamically. You can also set up alternative commands and macros with this software – something that has become pretty much a given with more expensive keyboards.

Corsair K63 Gaming Keyboard

Before starting to use the keyboard, we already noticed its great ergonomics. The K63 is compact and light, yet won’t slide around on your desk thanks to its rubber feet. You can’t really say much about the Cherry MX Red switches – they work quickly and precisely all the time. What is worth mentioning is that the K63 is much quieter than many other full mechanical keyboards. This can be a godsend for the office – although most users would probably want a numpad for this purpose.

Corsair K63 Gaming Keyboard

Tenkeyless keyboards are mainly focused on gamers anyway. And with the Corsair K63 they are getting great performance for less than 100$. This keyboard makes long gaming sessions completely effortless and is also well suited for writing tasks. What we’re missing is the palm rest which, if needed, can be bought after the fact. Apart from that this is a truly solid gaming keyboard that is hard to find flaws about.

Corsair K63 Gaming Keyboard


Pro: The K63 has the kind of build quality you can expect from Corsair. They didn’t cut corners on the technical side either and outfitted it with Cherry MX Red switches making this a treat for gamers. The CUE software makes configuring the keyboard to your needs a breeze and lets you customize the red backlight with effects and more. The multimedia buttons are also very handy. Seeing how it’s available from as low as 80 dollars, this keyboard offers truly great value for money.

Corsair K63 Gaming Keyboard

Con: What we don’t like is that the K63 is missing a palm rest which many other will miss, too. The plastic body also isn’t the last word in luxury. These facts cannot deter from the great build quality though.

As a pure gaming keyboard, the Corsair K63 does a more than good enough job. Considering the price it retails for, all the compromises are forgivable. The K63 will be of particular interest for those gamers who gladly trade in gimmicks like RGB backlighting for a better quality device. Sure, 79 dollars (in the Corsair Shop) are a lot for a keyboard that has been slimmed down on the feaures-side. The great build quality and components cannot be neglected though. That’s why we give the Corsair K63 our Editor’s Choice.

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