4 Best Social Media Platforms To Help Evolve Your Business

Social media is the new driving force behind every business: Are you thinking about turning your attention towards social media for powering your business? If so, then it must be said that you have made a smart move. Collectively speaking, social platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook boast millions of global users. However, how do you know which social media platform is well suited for your business and brand?

Simply because a channel is backed by immense popularity does not make it an automatic choice for your business services and products. Every major social media platform has a strength and appeal that is perceived differently by users from varying backgrounds. Consequently, some of them will be a better fit for businesses in a certain domain compared to the other industries.

Take the example of Twitter. This social media platform is a great fit for those companies that are business-to-business (B2B) ventures. Facebook, on the other hand, is largely oriented to those brands that carry a significant visual appeal and have loads of great images to share.

Best social media platforms for your business: If you are at the start of an online journey with your business, it is important that you choose a few social networks where you can lord over others. Here we provide a guide detailing the various important aspects of the best social media platforms that will help take your business to new levels of success.

Twitter: Twitter represents a dominant democracy in this new economic sphere that is social sharing. Brevity, personality, and relevance are some of the key principles that help in making your voice heard.

  • Usage group: Be it individuals or the largest multinational corporations, the use of Twitter suits everyone
  • Content to share: You can choose to start and lead your very own conversation or be a part of one that is already running. Twitter allows direct interaction between the brands and their customers
  • Frequency of posts: On multiple instances throughout the day
  • Beneficial tools: The Buffer tool on Twitter allows you to create a stockpile of content and schedule posts well in advance. This way you can make round-the-clock posts and reach out to customers in different tim zones without having to work 24 hours a day.

Instagram: With the help of Instagram, brands featuring large volumes of visual content are able to connect with customers across varying time zones. This way, businesses are able to plan their content and post accordingly.

  • Usage group: Luxury brands, personalities, fashion, food, and lifestyle are some of the industries that can witness significant growth by harnessing the power of Instagram
  • Content to share: Instagram is a good place to share any form of visual content such as images and short videos that run for less than fifteen seconds
  • Frequency of posts: Posting once a day on Instagram is enough to generate interest among your target customers
  • Beneficial tools: Follogram is an excellent tool that helps you keep track of the stats on the posts that register maximum number of comments and likes. It also allows you to figure out the top tags and the location from where your business is getting maximum viewership.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is symbolic to the old-fashioned design of networking. The more you connect with people, the better it will be for your very own prosperity. Be it individuals in need of employment or businesses seeking clients, each individual should look to grow his/her LinkedIn profile by connecting with as many individuals as possible. Second and third degree connections on this social media platform serve as great sources for your personal introduction while also allowing you to filter through the unwanted and focus only on opportunities that matter.

  • Usage group: Job-seekers, recruiters, and B2B service providers are the ones who can get maximum benefit by creating a strong presence on LinkedIn
  • Content to share: Research on prospective employees and employers, descriptions of companies, and job postings are among content that is most viewed by users on LinkedIn
  • Frequency of posts: Anywhere between two to four posts every week is sufficient to keep your target group of customers engaged to your business
  • Helpful tip: One area where LinkedIn scores over other social media platforms is in terms of revealing viewership identity and statistics. By creating a paid profile, you can take note of people who are viewing your profile. This way, you will be aware whether any of your competitors is doing a secret research on your business.

Facebook: Of all the available social media platforms, Facebook is best equipped in terms of sharing linear responses to a post that sparks conversation or seeks to find answers to a question. Consider paying a professional service that can help advertise for and promote your business so that you can get maximum leverage out of your Facebook business page.

  • Usage group: Practically every human being today has a Facebook profile so you can well understand its outreach
  • Content to share: Anything that falls under standard protocol- ads, events, images the list goes on
  • Frequency of posts: Not more than twice a day, else your customers may feel like you are getting under their skin!
  • Beneficial tools: Bitly, a URL shortener tool, does more than reduce the size of your links. Every time a link is converted, it offers statistics on the clicks that are generated from that particular link. This way you can track how much traffic you are getting from sharing your content directly on this social media platform.

Conclusion: So here we have the top social media networking platforms that will help take your business to new heights of success. Which one do you think is best suited for your requirements? Do some research and you will soon have your answer!

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