Month: August 2017

Best Camera Phone 2017

Not satisfied with simply upsetting our photography habits, smartphones have gone on to conquer a non-negligible segment of the photography market. While reflex, hybrid and compact cameras can still count on having their own specific strengths (luminous lenses, large sensors, etc.), it has become a legitimate consideration in the domain of photography to discuss the quality of the images that camera phone are able to produce, and to try to answer a question that many people are now asking themselves: what are the best smartphones for photography?


From adapting devices first developed for reflex cameras, to developing proprietary technologies adapted to the reduced dimensions of mobile devices, smartphone manufacturers have now entered into a competition with each other in terms of their communication strategies to bring photography to the forefront of the smartphone discussion. This marketing campaign has reached a point where it has now become difficult to differentiate between false claims and the truth – to differentiate between the hype and a smartphone’s actual photographic capabilities. 2016 was an extremely fruitful year in terms of photographic innovations – namely with the introduction of dual photography modules. 2017 has so far tended to reaffirm the respective position that each manufacturer had achieved in 2016.