Which antivirus is the best for Windows 10?

Those of you using Windows 10 already know that the OS features its own antivirus: Windows Defender, an antivirus that we have already talked about. It started as a component that ultimately became the official antivirus for Microsoft’s latest OS version.

As time passed by, we started to hear more experts questioning Windows Defender’s capabilities. It is a good tool that can be extremely useful, but a lot of people wonder if it really is the best protection for PCs with Windows 10 since they consider that it is not on par with other antivirus on the market, which might be true.

Anyway, knowing which antivirus is the best option for users with Windows 10 is a must. While having a lot of advantages, Windows Defender does not annoy you with pop-ups since it is pre-installed in the OS, and it is much lighter than other free antivirus. As long as we update it constantly, it is usually a good option in terms of protecting your PC, although it generally gets low scores in a lot of tests made by experts.

This is why using another antivirus is necessary in most cases in order to ensure that our PCs with Windows 10 are completely protected. Which antivirus is the best in that case? There are a several alternatives depending on what you are looking for.

If you are looking for the best protection


If you are one of those users who does not want to take the slightest risk in terms of security, Kaspersky is the best option currently available. It is a paid solution, but it is a price that you have to pay to get the best current protection available. At least that is what multiple security tests online show.

Therefore, Kaspersky is the best option currently available in this case. Besides, it is worth mentioning that it features an interface that makes it easy to use, which is undoubtedly a key aspect for users since a complicated interface is never ideal.

If you are looking for free protection


A lot of users are not willing to pay for an antivirus. In fact, my Informatics professors always told me to never pay for an antivirus since there are a lot of great free options available. If you are looking for free protection, there are a couple of options available that you might find interesting. One of them is Avast, a solution that surely many of you already know since it is a reliable antivirus that works seamlessly despite us being scared by its notifications.

Another option available is Avira, which is a free antivirus that works outstandingly well, but we have to pay attention not to install the Ask Toolbar while installing the antivirus. Pop-up ads will appear once in a while, although they are not too intrusive. This is another good option to bear in mind in terms of free antivirus if ads are not too bothersome for you.

If you are looking for ad-free free protection

Windows Defender

You do not want to pay for an antivirus, but you do not want an aggressive tool to bombard you incessantly with notifications and pop-up ads either, which is something that really irritates users. If you are one of the users that identifies with this option, then there is clear option available for you: none other than Windows Defender.

It sounds quite odd, but it is what it is. Windows Defender is a tool that provides protection (as long as we have the latest update) and works well. One key aspect of the story: It does not bombard us with ads. Windows Defender’s best feature is that it is ad-free, which means that we can use it without worrying about having an intrusive antivirus that would annoy us constantly with notifications or ads. Besides, it is free since it is pre-installed in our PC, which means saving an important amount of money.

As you can see, there is an ideal antivirus for every need or every user. While it is true that Windows Defender protects Windows 10 extremely well, there are users that want something different. This is why there are some antiviruses that will suit you better depending on your needs. What antivirus do you use?

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