15″ gaming laptops

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15″ gaming laptops

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15″ and 16″ gaming laptops can house a single high-end GPU and have a typical weight 7.5-9 lbs (3.5-4 kg). Models with less powerful graphics cards (so they aren’t true gaming laptops, they could be called gaming-capable laptops) are usually lighter, around 6-6.5 lbs (2.7-3 kg). There are a few laptops that can be regarded as the best ones in this category, for different reasons.

  • Clevo P150HM: at the moment, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 485M is the fastest graphics card for laptops, and this is the only laptop this size that can use it, so this is the most powerful option. No other 15-inch laptop comes close in performance.
  • Alienware M15x: the Alienware is not as powerful as the Clevo and MSI, but it wins many points in style. Maybe you prefer the Asus G53Jw, but that’s a matter of taste, and customization options can be fewer, depending on the vendor.

If you are looking for a 15″ gaming laptop you are probably concerned about portability. Keep in mind that some 15″ gaming laptops can be as heavy as some 17″ ones, so have a look to the best 17″ gaming laptops before making your pick. If you are unsure about what laptop is the best one for you, have a look at the gaming laptop comparison.

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