Guide: Building a Low-cost gaming PC based on RYZEN (Full HD)

A few days ago, we published a guide dedicated to building a cheap gaming PC focused on what can be considered to be high-end. Its price was very good for such range, although it was out of reach for gamers with tight budgets.

We are aware of this, so we decided to make a second guide focused on building a low-cost gaming PC where we will shape a system capable of running any current game in 1080p resolution (Full HD) at a high or very high quality and with good FPS.

As usual, we will give you a full list with the components that we have chosen, always trying to get the best quality-price ratio, although you can modify or even add more components if your budget allows it.

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How to backup Windows 10 Computer to external hard drive or USB Drive

Backing up is an essential maintenance task for anyone wanting to protect their personal and professional information on any device since there is much at stake. Forever losing photographs that captured an invaluable moment in life or professional documents that we use daily in our job is not an option.

backup Windows 10

But it can happen in the blink of an eye. One the one hand, malware infections are so common nowadays that a simple ransomware can cause data loss, as well as OS corruption usually caused by any app or driver installation. On the other hand, no device is safe from hard disk drive failure, hindering us from accessing the unit.

This is why backups are an essential maintenance task on any device since they protect our personal files and the system and its apps, allowing us to restore them quickly and easily if there is any problem.

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