How to backup Windows 10 Computer to external hard drive or USB Drive

Backing up is an essential maintenance task for anyone wanting to protect their personal and professional information on any device since there is much at stake. Forever losing photographs that captured an invaluable moment in life or professional documents that we use daily in our job is not an option.

backup Windows 10

But it can happen in the blink of an eye. One the one hand, malware infections are so common nowadays that a simple ransomware can cause data loss, as well as OS corruption usually caused by any app or driver installation. On the other hand, no device is safe from hard disk drive failure, hindering us from accessing the unit.

This is why backups are an essential maintenance task on any device since they protect our personal files and the system and its apps, allowing us to restore them quickly and easily if there is any problem.

AMD vs Intel: comparing the past 13 years market share

After AMD’s last financial report was published, it was known that Intel suffered a decline in desktop sales of $150 million, more or less the amount that the AMD’s processor division increased, so it is claimed that AMD has taken away market share from Intel. In this article, we want to compare ADM and Intel’s sales from the past 13 years to see the evolution both brands have had in the processors field.

Evidently, AMD’s Ryzen has given costumers a reason to switch from Intel, and this has been reflected on their sales reports, as AMD has gained ground where Intel has lost it. This has been confirmed by the report published by PassMark on processor sales for the last quarter, as we can see that AMD has indeed won 2.2% of market share, exactly what Intel has lost.

4 Best Social Media Platforms To Help Evolve Your Business

Social media is the new driving force behind every business: Are you thinking about turning your attention towards social media for powering your business? If so, then it must be said that you have made a smart move. Collectively speaking, social platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook boast millions of global users. However, how do you know which social media platform is well suited for your business and brand?

Simply because a channel is backed by immense popularity does not make it an automatic choice for your business services and products. Every major social media platform has a strength and appeal that is perceived differently by users from varying backgrounds. Consequently, some of them will be a better fit for businesses in a certain domain compared to the other industries.

Review: Corsair K63 Gaming Keyboard

Corsair only recently released the K95 RGB Platinum keyboard and caused a stir in the high-end keyboard market. Now, the manufacturer has released its newest upper-class gaming keyboard: The Corsair K63. The mechanical, tenkeyless keyboard retails for around 90€ and is targeted at gamers on a tighter budget. In our review, we’ll tell you if it is worth buying considering how it stacks up compared to its more expensive Corsair siblings.

While Corsair initially focused on producing RAM modules, they have proven time and time again that they can also make great keyboards. Their recent high-end model K95 RGB Platinum even scored our editor’s choice. With its newest model named K63, Corsair now put out a tenkeyless gaming keyboard for significantly less than what the K95 goes for while still being marketed with great build quality.

Cougar Attack X3 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Nowadays, mechanical keyboads are an essential part of many gamer’s desks. They come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and are being made by a multitude of manufacturers. So, Cougar deemed it time to release their own low-price offering with real Cherry switches and RGB backlighting. We had the Attack X3 RGB in for a test.

Fans of Courgar should be familiar with the Attack X3 keyboard which they released last year. Using it as a basis, Cougar recently introduced the Attack X3 RGB which, as the name suggests, now has RGB backlighting. That way, the popular Cherry MX Brown switches can be lit up in up to 16,8 million colors. This product currently retails for 120€, a 20€ price increase from the non-RGB model.

Cougar Attack X3 RGB

To make the technical introduction a little easier we will round up some specs right now. The Attack X3 RGB has 104 mechanical keys of using Cherry MX Brown switches. Only 45g of pressure are enough to facilitate a keypress. Features like N-Key Rollover are also included. The Polling-Rate lies at 100 Hz. The main attraction however, is the brushed aluminum body. Whether or not Cougar impressed us with the RGB variant of this keyboard will be shown in this review.